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Tony is one of the co-authors/co-creators of “The Remote Agility Framework” the world's first framework for effective remote working (https://www.remoteaf.co/). Coaching leaders, individuals and organisations in agility in order to create adaptive organisations for the age of digitality is his passion. He is a recognised contributor and leader in the agile community in Australia and globally for over 20 years. Tony serves as Heart of Agile guide as part of the global Heart of Agile movement and co-chairs, one of the world's leading Agile Podcasts – The Agile Revolution.

Episode 117: The Changing Role of a Tester with Mark Pedersen


The Agile Revolution Podcast

mpCraig is at the YOW! Connected conference and talks to Mark Pedersen, the CTO at KJR, and they talk all things quality and testing:

  • the changing role of a tester in an Agile environment, it clarifies the role rather than making it blurrier
  • in an Agile environment it does not make sense to have a Test Manager role anymore
  • the number of dedicated testing roles are decreasing, but becoming more important and valuable
  • most organisations say that they use both waterfall and agile frequently
  • build your skills in either a quasi analysis / product owner / acceptance criteria role or get up to speed with sensible technical automation tools for your tech stack
  • TDD – good idea but not many organsations practicing it in a dedicated way, unit testing in most industries is a luxury
  • BDD – does not make TDD obsolete, defining acceptance criteria upfront helps understand…

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Episode 116: The Heart of Modern Agile


The Agile Revolution Podcast

Craig and Tony are sipping a sarsaparilla or two on a balcony in Brisbane and start trying to dissect the state and heart of modern agility: 

  • You can trust the team if you listen to them
  • Keys to transformation is LLL – leadership, leadership, leadership
  • If you have Agile leaders maybe you don’t need Agile coaches

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