FailAgility: Recognising and Resetting the Agile Boundaries

My keynote presentation with Craig Smith from the LAST Conference in Brisbane called “FailAgility: Recognising and Resetting the Agile Boundaries” is available on Slideshare.

Agile in Education USA

Moving from Physicality to Digitality : the remote agility framework

A wonderful opportunity to talk to the Agile in Education community my keynote on how the world has changed , Remote and Hybrid working is now the norm.

Remote Governance : Creating a Brighter Future

The wonderful Esther Derby an myself will take you on a journey of how we and the team at remote:af have brought the remote:af® Pillars of Governance and Esther’s SEEM model together to evolve and enable the way organisations govern their systems of work in this remote world.

Access Agile Festival

Agile is Not Dead: It’s Evolving back to simplicity


Responsible Tech Summit

Creating the next normal: remote agile governance:

My good friend Phil Gadzinski and I speaking at the Responsible Tech Summit 2020.

Heart of Agile: Applying it in the real world

Myself and Phil Gadzinski , one of my fellow Heart Of Agile Consultants were asked to present at the Agile Brisbane Meetup in Australia. We had the idea to interview Dr Alistair Cockburn ( Signatory of the Manifesto and originator of the Heart Of Agile concept) to kick off the session.

The interview resulted in some great insights and explanations of the HOA that even we didn’t expect . The interview and presentation pack are below – please enjoy:

Agile Australia

Governing with Agility :

With organisations focused on their ability to maintain profitability and survive, effectiveness and efficiency counts greatly. However to sustain the effectiveness of their Agile teams, leaders must now overcome a new challenge. We need to collectively modernise how we govern our work for both the next normal and a sustained remote working context.

“There ‘aint no going back….”

The Future of Agile : in a hybrid world

A world wide cast of Agilists including April Jefferson, Jim Benson, Renee Troughton, Shane Hastie, Martin Foster, and Ellen Grove join me in exploring the impact of hybrid work environments on Agile work.

Agile Alliance Special Event

Scrum Australia

The Ebb and Flow of Organisational Scrum: Reigniting the Original Intent of Agility:

Many organisations are stuck in a loop where the true value of Scrum and Agile cannot be fully realised. In order to move on from this stagnant state, we need to be able to identify and remediate the areas that are holding our organisations back.

The Agile Revolution Podcast : Live!

Myself and the other Agile Revolution host – Craig Smith and Renee Troughton host a live and version for the Agility Today Unconference

AgilityToday 2021 Unconference

Brisbane Meetup

Governing with Agility :

This talk addresses the need to collectively modernise how we govern our work for both the next normal and the advent of remote and hybrid working being added to the context.