Amplify Journal: Trust Equals Productivity, and Other Pandemic Leadership Lessons

Sometimes “trust your people” isn’t enough. Hybrid and remote work is new to most organisations. Many of the guardrails that protected our businesses now slow us down and create blind spots in our teams.

In an article published by the Cutter Consortium, an Arthur D. Little community, Myself, Esther Derby and David Martin explain how to create impactful governance that doesn’t put your business to sleep.

InfoQ Community : Using Remote Agile Governance to create the culture organisations need (Tony Ponton and James McMennamin)

Key Takeaways:

  • Governance and Culture are inextricably intertwined 
  • The Principles of Remote Agile governance help us create better governance and better culture
  • We can’t succeed in the remote workplace by replicating what we did in the physical office


Original article published for the InfoQ community,

  • Remote and hybrid environments need remote and hybrid governance
  • Using Remote Agile Governance to craft a new approach helps us grow our culture and governance approach for the new world

Amplify Journal: Decision making in the time of complexity

Humans crave certainty, and desperately want to be right the first time. But focusing on being “right” can lead us astray in highly complex environments.

In an article published by the Cutter Consortium, an Arthur D. Little community, Myself. David Martin and Kim Ballestrin assert that successful decision-makers must expand their toolbox to include “the notion of partial correctness: a decision does not need to be, and indeed often cannot be, fully correct. It just needs to be correct enough to provide a starting point for learning.”

Advisor Article : Leading with Intent in a Remote/Hybrid world

When leaders talk about remote/hybrid work, they often ask how it will affect their leadership style?

In this Advisor article published by the Cutter Consortium, an Arthur D. Little community, I talk about the key success factor required to navigate this change— leading with intent and describe the 8 elements of leading with intent most relevant to remote/hybrid work.

Tips From The Agile Trenches

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